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Our Story

Our Story

For over ten years, Postureworks has been committed to utilizing the best research, in-depth training, and hands-on experience in developing our integrated and innovative Physical Therapy methods to provide neuromuscular reeducation, strengthening, lengthening and stabilization.  Our methods of treatmet include, but are not limited to the Redcord System, Visceral Manipulation, Pilates, Yoga, aspects of Gyrotonic, and the Mézières Method.

Although every patient’s rehabilitation is customized to fit his or her needs, we believe effective treatment begins with good posture.  People heal more quickly when their bodies are in alignment.  By combining body awareness with breath work and movement, we help our patients understand how their habits and past injuries can contribute to current pain.  By changing their alignment, they can recover quickly, create new habits, move more fluidly, and ultimately transform their lives.

Gestures create habits. Habits create posture. Posture communicates who you are.