Train your brain to move better.  Research shows it takes approximately 12 weeks to create and build new neural pathways to establish a better way to move.

Initial Consultation

60 MIN / $225

Single Private Session

30 MIN / $95 per session

Single Private Session

60 MIN / $185 per session

5 Session Program

60 MIN SESSIONS / $750 total

10 Session Program

60 MIN SESSIONS / $1500 total

24 Session Program

60 MIN SESSIONS / $3480 total

Flexible Scheduling

General availability during the week for morning/afternoon and weekend sessions; weekday evening sessions are available based on availability at Postureworks. Please contact us with the times you’re most interested in.

Payments & Cancellations

We have a 48 hour cancellation policy – either by phone or email. Payment for all sessions is due prior to sessions being taken.

New Clients

Please fill out the following new patient form before coming in for your first session.