"Postureworks provided everything I needed to get better and keep performing at this level."

- Ous Melloui - Two-time Olympic Gold Medalist in Swimming

“I had basically given up running.  Everybody I talked to said, back off it, you're already 57 years old."

- Larry Turkheimer, Founder - LA Triathlon Club

"In the space of 3 months I have gone from being in pain walking up the stairs to being able to run a 10K in 45 minutes. If you're looking for the most effective and efficient way to achieve your goals, you've come to the right place."

- Matt Watkinson, internationally renowned author, speaker and business consultant

"I felt more relief in my lower back after two sessions at Postureworks than I did after 6 months of traditional physical therapy."

- Jill Paider, Photographer, car accident left her with multiple disc herniations. 

"My ankle became more flexible and aligned and I could get up on my toes much more easily."

- Liz Walker, Professional Ballerina, LA Ballet

"It's given me my life back. All the things I love to do... hike, walk, ride my bike, swim... I can do again like a normal person, and I'm thrilled." 

- Nancy, healed from chronic pain and compensations

"My own body weight [had] dislocated my kneecap playing hockey. When I started treatment, the whole back chain of my leg was deflated almost - now it's completely engaged [after one session]."

- Christian R, injured playing hockey

"It is the most significant health care I have ever experienced in my life... to say thank you isn't enough."

- Paul, Management Consultant, chronic back pain since childhood

"For a long time I was bent over at the waist, my upper body was parallel to the ground. Since coming to Postureworks I'm standing up straight and I feel so much better. I couldn't be happier!"

- Robert K, disabled in 1991

“I had 95% relief after the first treatment!  And the relief is ongoing. This is not your conventional PT.  I feel truly blessed to have found Postureworks.”

- Francesca - Pain Management RN at Cedars-Sinai Hospital for 30 years

"I noticed a significant improvement in the pain in my back after just 3 sessions."

- Peter, childhood car accident left him with chronic back pain

“I would not have been able to see what the source of my issue was, without help from Postureworks.”

- Adam Schomer - former Pro Soccer Player, Yoga Teacher, HEAL Documentary

"I fell off a horse and broke my pelvis and my back. Postureworks taught me that my brain and my muscles weren't lining up."

- Dana Halsted, healed from broken pelvis and back after horseback riding accident

“From the beginning, I felt like they were really listening to me.  And that was a relief.”

- Judy - Double car accident survivor, back injury patient

"I move better, I compromise less, I am more fluid – that feeling of fluidity instead of being stuck."

- Terry Probasco, living with Multiple Sclerosis