State-of-the-art Testing + Science = Remarkable Results

Our testing and science-based techniques have proven over and over the best outcomes for our clients.


Our testing techniques allow us to identify "weak links" along groups of muscle chains with a series of subtle functional movements.  Our assessment protocols allow us to quickly determine where the imbalances are and get to the root of the problem. 

At Postureworks, we partner with you on the journey of becoming pain-free and restoring movement back into your life. Our goals are to exceed your expectations and get you back to the things that make your life more enjoyable. 


We take a unique neuromuscular approach.  We work with you to reprogram the tonic postural system.  Because of trauma, overuse or disuse, we develop compensations which may exhibit minor to severe deactivation of these postural muscles.  Faulty information is then transmitted to the brain, resulting in adaptations and postural dysfunction. The body continues to function in its imbalanced state and is incapable of correcting itself without re-training. By offloading the body using suspension therapy, we’re able to determine your system’s imbalances.

Here's How We Put It To Work For You

Postureworks uses advanced scientific methodologies from around the world to help patients achieve remarkable results.  Our protocols are based on restoring total postural balance and neuromuscular activation.  Neurac (Neuromuscular activation), one of the methodologies we use, is based on more than 25 years of research, development and utilization by physical therapists worldwide, including Norway, France, Germany, and the U.S.  There are more than 80 published research studies citing suspension systems, as well as peer reviews in 100 publications.  


When we overload our body by moving incorrectly or not moving at all - we develop imbalances, often resulting in pain.  This interferes with our ability to turn on the right muscles, at the right time.  This is neuromuscular deactivation.  As a result, there is excessive strain and demand which complicates the integrity of joint and muscle use.  Muscle control is fundamental to posture and movement, and getting it right is critical to living pain free.


At Postureworks, you learn how to move effortlessly. By reactivating the right muscles and eliminating compensations, we help restore balance and functional movement. In doing so, you will not only achieve your full range of motion and physical goals, but re-establish the strength you need to be the best version of you.


How are the Postureworks methods different from traditional physical therapy?

We treat the cause, not the symptoms.  For example, your shoulder problem may be stemming from an old injury and imbalance in your hips.  Furthermore, imbalances in your hips may be causing chronic ankle sprains.  We design a comprehensive program that works for you and your lifestyle vs. treating one joint or area of your body.  You, as the client, are active in the process.  You should feel results every session. Our team of committed therapists and movement specialists work diligently to provide a calm, focused, and productive environment.  We also offer maintenance programs and memberships for corrective exercise, postural training and performance training. 

How can Postureworks help me?

More than 90% of people present with postural disequilibrium.  Years of imbalance cause abnormal strains on the body's tissues, which result in various painful pathologies.  Postureworks can help you correct postural imbalances before the damage is done.  Since we have a system that allows us to test where the "weak links" are, we are able to minimize reoccurrence of injuries by correcting imbalances that are often not yet symptomatic.  Don't let chronic pain, or a chronic injury from sports or an accident get the in the way of your best life.  

Who will I be working with?

Postureworks brand and business is reliant on one thing - our service and the professionals who treat our clients.  They are the best in their fields and will be dedicated to you throughout our process.  All of our PT's and movement specialists have the highest level of certification.  We are as committed to the professionals that work for us, as we are to the clients that we serve.  Our goal is simply for you to feel better, move better in the shortest amount of time possible.

Isn’t physical therapy painful?

Postureworks professionals use a suspension system to put you in a weightless, pain-free setting. The slings and bungees support you, to correct postural imbalances, enabling the right muscles to work at the right time. With injury or trauma, our body is in the state of "fight-or-flight."  Our goal is to restore homeostasis and eliminate subconscious and conscious muscular guarding/holding patterns and pain. 

Can’t I just do these exercises on my own?

Not until we correct the postural imbalances.  The postural system will continue to function in its imbalanced state and is incapable of correcting itself.  The therapies we provide will be guided by our PT's and will be safe and effective. With our system, we retrain your body how to move better . Whether you are recovering from an injury, want to avoid surgery or improve your posture or athletic performance, we will help you reach your goals.  

Will insurance cover this?

Treatments will be covered if you have out-of-network benefits.  Call us at 310-453-6166 so we can help you assess your benefits and to discuss your options.

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